(Nerd) Happenings - How to Pitch Investors, Inspire Teams, and 'Best-Friend' Your Customers

Entrepreneurs don’t start companies because it’s good for anxiety. They do it because they believe in something, often for powerful & deeply personal reasons. Their vision inspires the best talent to swap golden handcuffs for startups no one’s heard of & VCs to invest millions in single ideas. Then: VCs say no, star performers leave, partners under-deliver, customers churn. Such events often indicate entrepreneurs aren’t yet storytelling like the badasses they are. This session helps entrepreneurs distill & integrate their personal ‘why’ into company branding, messaging, and positioning—and practice a proven storytelling framework that inspires humans wired for purpose, in ways that scale with the company. When: Thu, May 3, 2018, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM. Where: Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, 505 Howard Street, Plaza Level, San Francisco. More Info


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